A date with Due dame in Venice

17 Mar 2023
Mila Albert

A collaboration with the Italian Institute of Technology took the Artmen all the way to Venice to create an accurate 3D scan to support the hyperspectral analysis of the artwork, which will identify all the pictorial characteristics of the panel.

AerariumChain’s Artmen have landed in Venice to carry out a detailed 3D scan at the Museo Correr in partnership with the Italian Institute of Technology.

The Museum has an appointment with ‘Due dame’, a panel painting by Vittore Carpaccio dating back to 1495.

The Artmen begin to gently set the scanner light on the Venetian masterpiece, to uncover the painting’s details and make an accurate 3D scan. Every single section of the panel is scanned, both front and back, and no point of it is left out.

The process will not disclose the two ladies’ identity or even the mysteries surrounding the work, but the scan will be used as the starting point to generate its Unique Virtual Image, i.e., the digital fingerprint that will highlight every hidden element of its surface and that will be notarised in blockchain.

AerariumChain is working in partnership with the Italian Institute of Technology to create a climatic chamber, to host ‘Due dame’, and preserve it over the next few years. 3D scanning allows technicians to take the artwork’s precise measurements to design the thermo box with pinpoint accuracy, and moreover, to ensure its optimal functioning.

Ultimately, it is worth to mention that AerariumChain makes its expertise at work to protect Art also by establishing partnerships such as this one, which curbs the natural deterioration of artworks. #TheArtofForever

Due Dame
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