Scans at 6 metres height

5 Jul 2022
Mila Albert

One of the most challenging endeavours for the ArtMen: a crucifix 6 metres high. This 3D will be reproduced in miniatures of 20cms.

Towering the altar of the Sanctuary of Saint Rita in Milan an imposing crucifix. Jesus on the cross embraces his worshippers from above: it is a 6 metres high bronze statue from the mid 20th century.

On this occasion he welcomes the ArtMen with open arms, in one of the most difficult scans they have carried out so far. The height, the limited space and time are some of the critical issues that they had to take into account in carrying out this scan.

An aerial platform, crossing the nave of the church up to the altar, has allowed the ArtMen to reach the right distance from the masterpiece to work in the most elevated places. Thus, at 6 metres from the ground, and at a few inches from the status’s face, one of the professionals has carried out the 3D scans of the colossal sculpture, while the other Artman supported him by safely checking that all the areas of the crucifix would be captured by the scanner. A complex and precision job, because no details can be missed when creating the digital fingerprint of a work of art.

Hence, circling  around the bronze statue, both at eye level and at levels made reachable by the aerial platform, the ArtMen have been able to realise an accurate and complete scan of the entire crucifix. 

From here, the digital 3D fingerprint of the work will be created and the respective UVI (Unique Virtual Image) notarised in blockchain.

Starting from this, the crucifix will be printed in reproductions of 20cms so that all worshippers will be able to have a real copy in small scale of the Jesus Christ of the Saint Rita Sanctuary.This way AerariumChain allows to create 3D prints completely faithful to the original, in addition to allowing what is in its primary mission, that is ensuring the monitoring of the conservation status of the work of art thanks to the unique virtual image that is created with this first scan.

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