What is



AerariumChain is the cloud service for both owners of artworks and professionals in the field. Through the integration of 3D Scan, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, AerariumChain makes possible monitoring each work of art over time and in a reliable way. The development of AerariumChain is divided into micro-projects organized in 4 macro-categories:


 3D Scan & Data Acquisition

 Data Normalisation & Unique Virtual Image


Matching & Analysis Services


What we do

We make easy and accessible the monitoring and tracking the state of conservation of an artwork that cannot be seen at sight

We put different technologies at the service of Art that are accessible to everyone

We give a valid support against thefts, counterfeiting and wear 

We create a controlled data base of  our artistic and archaeological heritage 

We allow to verify the authenticity of digitized artworks 

We make possible to localize and recognize all works of art  in an automatic way

We activate a distributed control of the Certificates of guarantee

We make possible the sale of image rights for the creation of thematic virtual museums all over the world


We work with

Museums, Auction Houses e Foundations

Private citizens

Restorers, art advisors, researchers

Insurance companies, Banks and public Institutions

Law Enforcement


Who has already expressed interest in it


All our projects require a large network of people. This high-level network is composed by relevant professionals in the fields of art, culture and technology: they support us in identifying all priority development lines. These relationships are crucial to test advanced technological systems just released in the market. Companies who have already shown interest in our project are:

  Amazon APN


  HMD Nokia

  Museo Archeologico di Milano (Archeological Museum in Milan)

  Museo Egizio di Torino (Egyptian Museum in Turin)

  Museo Valtellinese di Storia e Arte (Valtellina Museum of History and Art) 

  Orrick Legal Office

  Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic University of Milan)

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