Starting from the 3D scan, a world of services is open with a click.

What we do

With the help of a network of professionals of the field we synergistically create 3D prints in small scale to organise workshops for children, prints to create accessible routes for visually imapired people; use the 3D model for a virtual (reconstruction) or to use in an augmented reality app.

What technology we use

AEC relies on a network of professionals highly specialised in using advanced technologies at the service of art.

What is the goal

These solutions are excellent for: make artwork more accessible to visually impaired people Make children’s experience more interactive create new fruition opportunities in the museum and outside of it thanks to advanced multimedia solutions, increasing their appeal.

Monitoring, based on cutting-edge technologies, becomes a driver for the creation of new fruition modes , among which we find 3D reconstruction, augmented reality and 3D printing, to increase accessibility of museums, bodies and cultural institutions.

Our Services

3D Printing - for all

Small scale print of the artwork for accessibility by visually imparied people.

Starting from 500£/ work of art

3D Printing - twin

1:1 print of the artwork for sending to other exhibitions or as a substitute during restoration.

Starting from 800£/ work of art

3D Printing - for children

Small scale print of the artwork for teaching activities.

Starting from 800£/ work of art

3D model mapping

1:1 low quality print of the artwork and projection system on the print for teaching and informative materials.

3D model for multimedia

Using the 3D model in multimedia solutions.

3D model live

Video content in which the model is animated to tell stories or talk to the visitors The service includes animation and dubbing.

This approach aims to render ever more accessible, also in economic terms, technologies and solutions that often require extensive planning or considerable investments.