YEi Start in Paris, Italy

October 2020

Happy to be participating to YEI Start in Paris, an online acceleration program providing training workshops, networking and one to one meetings. The winners will interface with the best resources in Europe, to see their idea coming to life and developing.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

TEDx Reggio Emilia, Italy

October 2020

“Think about the “suspended ticket” as a suspended coffee, a variation of the “suspended coffee”. Buy an exhibition ticket, even if you are not certain you will be able to enter the museum to visit it. This is needed to help for all those institutions that are part of a big system, that is our cultural heritage. For my part, I am studying and developing new technologies aimed at improving the monitoring process of works of art. And AerariumChain is the way I am doing it.”

For those who might have missed it, Giorgio Rea gives us some advice on how to take care of our cultural heritage in 2020, at TEDx in Reggio Emilia.
Happy listening!

Florence Heri-Tech, Italy

October 2020

We are delighted to have participated in this year Florence Heri-Thch, an event full of researchers and scholars and that has put the current issues of the field in the spotlight, in particular those relating to innovative techniques and technologies for the cultural heritage.
Here is a video with our contribution.
Enjoy the video!

Wired, Italy

September 2020

Thanks to Wired that talks about us and AerariumChain, our project that protects works of art from deterioration, theft and falsification thanks to the use of three technologies: 3D scanning, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Here the link, enjoy the reading!

national history museum

TEDx Reggio Emilia, Italy

April 2020

It is with great pleasure that we announce our participation in the TEDx Reggio Emilia on October 18, 2020! Giorgio Rea will explain how our love for art has focused all our energies towards research for the best cutting edge tool for the protection of our cultural heritage. Save the date!


Demo Day TechItalia Lab, London

April 2020

The first virtual Demo Day! AerariumChain was one of the 6 startups to present its project to over 60 investors on the first virtual Demo Day by TechItalia. Maurizio Rea was able to show our business model and investment prospects to the online audience.


New headquarter in the heart of London

December 2020

AerariumChain Ltd comes to life in London which is, as of today, the European capital for startups. The new office, in the heart of London, will be the starting point for the UK market and for meeting London investors. We will not miss the opportunity to grow and to contribute to the protection of our cultural heritage worldwide.


Demo Day Global Start Up Program, London

November 2019

AerariumChain was one of the startups that pitched at the Demo day of the GlobalStartupProgram Special Edition, a great programme funded by MISE, ITA London Italian Trade Agency and ITA Startup Agenzia ICE and delivered by TechItalia.

We were in front of investors, mentors and potential business partners. The event was held in an amazing location, on the 32nd floor of CityPoint EC2.

Egyptian Museum, Turin

November 2019

The 3D scanning activity has started. Using photogrammetry some of the masterpieces of the Egyptian Museum of Turin have been scanned . This museum being the most ancient in the world dedicated to the Egyptian culture, after the Cairo one. 

Startup Globl Program, London

August – October 2019

The Global Startup Program was for AerariumChain the ideal opportunity to structure and implement the project, thanks to the guidance of advisors and competent professionals.

Embassy of Italy, London

October 2019

Great Demo Day at the Embassy Of Italy in London. The Global Startup Programme by the Ministry of Economic Development in collaboration with ITA – Italian Trade Agency hosted us to talk about our project, AerariumChain.

London, UK

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The Gaetano Marzotto Prize, Trissino (VI)

October 2019

 AerariumChain was selected to participate to the Gaetano Marzotto Prize which looks for new business people and builders of the future who are able to combine innovation, business and society. The Prize aims to contribute to  create an Italian platform of innovation and the environmental condition for a paradigm shift, supporting the birth of a new venture in Italy. It was an honour to have been a part of it.

Trissino, IT

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JUMPSTARTER Global Pitch Competition 2019, London

September 2019

AerariumChain was selected amongst the top 30 out of 200 startups at the JUMPSTARTER Global Pitch Competition 2019 organized by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund and HSBC in London. For the first time, the audience was composed of enthusiastic international investors. It was a unique opportunity for growth and openness to the foreign market.

ArtLab 2019, Milan

June 2019

AerariumChain attended the ArtLab Investment Forum, a project created by Fondazione Fitzcarraldo. ArtLab is an independent platform in Italy, dedicated to innovating practices and policies in and through arts and culture.

During this event, Giorgio Rea and Maurizio Rea explained how the monitoring of any work of art will be as accurate as never before, thanks to a mix of advanced technologies.

AerariumChain: innovazione digitale e patrimonio

Metodi innovativi per monitorare la nostra più grande ricchezza: il patrimonio culturale.AerariumChain, startup selezionata per l'ArtLab Investment forum, propone una soluzione accessibile e scalabile per preservare il #patrimonio culturale. Il #monitoraggio di qualsiasi opera d'arte sarà preciso come mai prima d'ora, grazie ad un mix di tecnologie avanzate.Un'intervista dei nostri volontari.#artlab19

Posted by ArtLab. Territori, cultura, innovazione on Thursday, July 4, 2019

Osservatori Digital Innovation, Milan

May 2019

Maurizio Rea presenting AerariumChain at the Digital Innovation Observatory in Cultural Heritage and Activities during the debate: “Il viaggio nella cultura è digitale: chi guida?”(The trip in the digital journey: who drives?)

This conference dealt with the needs of those players who are active in the cultural sector. It linked all the processes and the activities carried out in order to consider the use of digital technology, both in their communication and in their management and organisational operations.

Forum PA, Rome

May 2019

AerariumChain attended the Forum PA organizated by the FPA srl, the services and consultancy company of the Digital360 Group. During this Forum, which aims to encourage the meeting and collaboration between public administration, companies, research- and civil societies, Giorgio Rea explained how museums in Italy deal with digital transformation.

SEAHA Conference on Heritage Science, Oxford

April 2019

AerariumChain went to Oxford to attend the International Conference on Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA) hosted by The Oxford University, UK. The aim was to engage with high-quality interdisciplinary scientific research of cultural heritage.

Giorgio Rea, Maurizio Rea and Daniele Bursich presented AerariumChain during an open forum between academics, professionals, practitioners, entrepreneurs and policy-makers from around the globe.

London, UK

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Milano Digital Week, Milan

March 2019

AerariumChain organized the “Top Technologies for Cultural Heritage” Conference during the 2019 Milano Digital Week.

All people involved discussed about the relationship between art, technology and archeology in order to get a picture about the current situation and the new opportunities that digital technologies are giving to all of us.

Top Technologies for Cultural Heritage

Grazie ancora a tutti i partecipanti che con il loro prezioso contributo ci hanno spiegato come le #nuovetecnologie possono aiutarci a proteggere il nostro patrimonio culturale! Milano Digital WeekGiorgio Rea, Daniele Bursich, Riccardo Giovanelli, Davide Baesil Basile, Paola Melo, Debora Lo Conte, Maurizio Rea, Fabiano Panzironi APICE Milano SRL – L'arte di trasportare Arte

Posted by AerariumChain on Friday, March 22, 2019

Idee Vincenti, Milan

November 2018

We are proud to have won the “IdeeVincenti” contest organized by Lottomatica and Polihub regarding the protection of Cultural Heritage. We are convinced that, if man and nature are a threat, the Blockchain can be the solution.