How does AerariumChain work?

A scalable service that uses different innovative technologies

3D Scanning


The three-dimensional scanning of artistic good allows to have the most faithful 3D model of it. This is already a common technology and it’s accessible through different tools.

Online loading


 The 3D scan loaded on AerariumChain allows to create a univocal virtual image, which contains all available information: the owner, all certificates, location and all contracts (e.g. insurance). Our algorithms assign a Quality Score to this image, according to the scan quality and the reliability of the certificates.



The new univocal image of the scanned work of art is added to a Blockchain: this is a non editable database distributed among several entities. This allows to make the artwork universally recognizable and it ensures access to the data in a protected manner.

Artificial Intelligence


Algorithms allow the recognition of artworks in a safe manner, the verification of the state of conservation as well as an advanced support for the restoration.