Every day the AEC project grows, and so does the interest of museums, art galleries and fundations.

But only together can we generate new value and help the growth and innovation of cultural institutions worldwide.

Maurizio riceve il premio di Innovamusei

If you are a representative of an investment fund or an institutional investor, join the project.
And contribute actively to the development of cultural heritage.


AerariumChain is a set of a useful services for artwork owners and operators of the cultural field.

With 3D Scanning technologies, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, we generate new value for museums, institutions and individuals, through preservation and monitoring, fruition and fundraising activities.


The AerariumChain platform has been developed by Werea Srl based on the Sweethive.com framework. Werea has an operational office in Milan at the Polihub incubator and one in London at the TechItalia Hub incubator.


Our mission is to make accessible at a global level a set of technologies to:

  • Safeguard social memory of universal culture
  • Enable a wider fruition of cultural heritage for present as well as future generations

Why invest in us

  1. we generate new value for preservation of the artwork and their fruition in an easy, safe way while totally respecting the current rights
  2. is based well consolidated technologies mixed in an innovative way to create a service which is not yet available on the market
  3. we make cultural heritage accessible and usable for specific categories such as visually impaired people or with reduced mobility, as well as children
  4. we develop a database for AI to support cultural heritage
  5. we make possible a future of the process and the developed technologies in other industrial sectors

We believe in valuing culture and thus in its development through cutting-edge technologies
But the future of cultural heritage is in your hands.