NFTs – Non Fungible Token – are a way to represent ownership in the digital world.

What we do

Our approach is that to keep on the one hand the possibility to create NFTs linked to the rights of use of the 3D image (like what happened with the Tondo Doni in Galleria degli Uffizi). On the other, offer the opportunity to generate for each work of art a high number of NFTs (NFT micro, from 10.000 to 1.000.000) that can be used for fundraising, without a link to the rights of use of the image but that can generate (advantages) for the benefactors that purchase them.

Which technology we use

AEC relies on a safe and dependable blockchain to create these NFTs.

What is the objective

The NFTs can be sold online to raise money for restoration, preservation and maintenance of museums’ assets. A way to attract new target of ‘digital collectors’ and generate new values for museums, institutions and all custodians of works of art.

We generate new value for the preservation of cultural heritage and to improve the museum and cultural experience.

Our services

NFT -Top

Generation of an NFT including rights to use the 3D image for sale. The NFT can regulate different rights, for different durations and control their use over time. The NFT is resalable at any time: the system provides a commission for the institution that uses it during all transactions.

Starting from 2500£

NFT - Micro

Generation of a certain number (10,000 to 1 million) of NFTs without rights to use of the 3D image. These NFTs can be easily purchased by the public at a reasonable cost (1-10€) to fund, say, restoration activities.

Starting from 500£ + 5% of Micro NFTs generated

National calls

We help you study, analyse and prepare documentation to apply for national calls.

International calls

We help you study, analyse and prepare documentation to apply to international calls.

This approach aims to render ever more accessible, also in economic terms, technologies and solutions that often require extensive planning or considerable investments.