Starting from 3D scan we offer a package of personalised services tailored to your needs.

What we do

Our qualified staff will carry out 3D scans of the works of art for you. Alternatively, the user can upload their own 3D images, also carrying out the scans and selecting each time the services they need.

What technology we use

AerariumChain currently uses structured light scanners which provide high-quality 3D models of the artefacts.

What is the aim

From a 3D scan you can choose to: check the status of the artwork; monitor critical issues; identify signs of degradation; create objective and reliable reports on the conditions (condition reports)

The 3D scan, based on cutting-edge technologies, becomes a driver for the creation of new fruition modes, among which the 3D (reconstruction), augmented reality and 3D printing to increase accessibility of museums, bodies and cultural institutions.

Our services


2 3D scans of the work of art carried out at a distance of 12 months

Starting from 200 £/work of art

Condition reporting

From a 3D upload we produce an automatic condition report using AI

From 30 £/work of art – excluding the scan 

Loan for use

We provide scanners on loan for the correct use of AEC in activities

Training Course

Advanced training courses in 3D scanning with the help of a network of highly specialised professionals

This approach aims to render ever more accessible, also in economic terms, technologies and solutions that often require extensive planning or considerable investments.