What is AerariumChain

AerariumChain is a cloud service for owners of historical-artistic artworks and for sector professionals.

By integrating 3D professional scans, Blockchain and AI, AEC aims to generate new value for museums, institutions and individuals, offering solutions for the digitisation and preservation of artworks, their monitoring, as well as their accessibility and use for every need.

How it works

3D Scanning

We select industry derived 3d scanning technologies that allow the highest precision in just a few minutes. Scans can be carried out by AEC or directly by the owner or by external operators.

Upload to the server

The files are saved on secure servers and are accessible at any moment by the owner of the work of art, who holds all rights.

Creation of unique keys

Specific algorithms elaborate the file generating unique and recognisable keys. Any possible changes made will result in the creation of a new key, making it easily identifiable.

Saving in blockchain

The unique keys and some information necessary for recognition are stored on the blockchain: the storage is permanent and unchangeable.

UVI Ready!

The 3D image is ready for use! It is now possible to use it for monitoring and 3D printing, creation of multimedia content or NFTs!

From this unique virtual image comes a wide range of constantly evolving services.

What we do


We start with certified 3D digital copies (UVI) of a work of art. If the physical work is damaged, this is its backup to make it accessible again.


With AI we offer a precise analysis of the status of the work of art. The process is reproducible on a large scale: this way the monitoring costs are cut and it is possible to intervene preventively on deterioration.


The UVIs are an excellent support to make the works of art accessible to certain categories, such as visually impaired people or motor disabilities. They are also ideal to allow children to get to know it, in their own way, in all safety.


Blockhcain and NFTs allow museums to create new digital assets for sale, generating new value - currently unimaginable - to support the maintenance of museum facilities and its artwork.


Digitisation of the works of art allows them to be used remotely and copies of the originale to be reproduced without having to move it from one place to another.



Our achievements and awards.

Winner of the IdeeVincenti contest organised by Lottomatica together with Polihub, October 2018

Special guest at the SEAHA Conference at Oxford University, April 2019

Winner of the ArtLab prize contest organized by Fondazione FitzCarraldo, June 2019

Ranked among the top 30 out of 200 startups at JUMPSTARTER Global Pitch Competition 2019 organised by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund and HSBC in London, September 2019

Collaborations with the Egyptian Museum of Turin, August 2020

Special guest at TedX Reggio Emilia, October 2020

Participation at YEI Start programme in Paris, November 2020

Selected at the B-Hub European call, acceleration in Innova, May 2021

Winner of the InnovaMusei Call - Call Get it! by Regione Lombardia, Fondazione Cariplo and Unioncamere Lombardia, supported by Cariplo Factory, July 2021

Participation at the Y-Lab Foundry programme, in collaboration with the National Gallery of Singapore and Reshift Capital Partners, January 2022

Collaboration with Palazzo Reale in Milan and technical sponsor of the exhibition “Tiziano e l’immagine della donna nel Cinquecento veneziano”, February 2022

The team


We are a team of professionals in different areas: business, art, IT and sales. We work together with the objective of generating new value for cultural heritage.

Giorgio Rea

Phd. in Archeology at the University of Milan and Université Paris-Sorbonne

Giorgio Rea

Team Leader
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Accredited restorer. Specialized in the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage

Ilaria Perticucci

Conservation and Restoration Specialist
fotoeffetti.com_ (8) (2)

Degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, archeology at the Università degli Studi di Milano

Fabrizio Manfredini

3D Scan Specialist
fotoeffetti.com_ (9) (1)

Master's Degree in Visual Arts at Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna

Federica Lissandrello

Project manager
Daniele Bursich

Professor in 3D Digitalization Techniques applied to Cultural Heritage at the Brera Academy

Daniele Bursich

3D Specialist
Riccardo Giovanelli

Archaeologist and CAA member

Riccardo Giovanelli

Art criminologist
Mila Albert

Master in Digital Communication and Marketing at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan

Mila Albert

Marketing & Communications Manager
Emanuele Nasato

Master's Degree in Marketing and Communication at the Università degli Studi di Milano

Emanuele Nasato

Marketing strategist
Priscila Yoshihara

Master's Degree in Communication Design at the Polytechnic of Milan

Priscila Yoshihara

Product designer
Pramod Ranuyar

Master's Degree in Information Technology at the University of Trento

Pramod Rauniyar

Daniele Galli

Advanced experience in software development

Daniele Galli

Front end e app developer
Deepika Kshirsagar

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science Technology at the University of Mumbai

Deepika Kshirsagar

Software developer
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Graduated in accountant with two years in Technical Institute for Tourism

Alessandra Casamento

Administrative accountant
Danilo Rea

Master's Degree in Automation engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan

Danilo Rea

Maurizio Rea

Master's Degree in Management engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan

Maurizio Rea

Bernardino Rea

More than 25 years of experience as business consultant in controlling and management audit

Bernardino Rea


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